A full Bodied Black Coffee

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A Delicious Creamy Latte

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A Smooth Silky Mocha

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A Scrumptious Cappuccino

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A Heavenly Cocoa

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Live. Love. SHARE.

Welcome to GanoLife!™ CANADA
We’ve developed our line of premium products with one simple philosophy in mind: Identify products that people consume for comfort and enjoyment each and every day – and improve them. All of our products are infused with Ganoderma lucidum in its most powerful form; a raw, whole food. This form provides 100% of the power of Ganoderma without losing any of its benefits. From a wide selection of coffeehouse beverages to top quality personal care items, there is truly something for everyone at GanoLife™ CANADA. Combine these products with the most powerful distribution model on Earth, and you have an opportunity for people to truly live, love, and SHARE.